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7 New Online Shopping Websites That Provide Unique Items From Japan.

When we mentioned online shopping, we can always think of Amazon Japan, Rakuten Japan, Yahoo Japan Auction and various major online stores. However, we are going to introduce you to 7 new websites that sell unique items from Japan. You will be wondering why you should take the risk and purchase from new websites, instead of sticking back to the websites which you are familiar with. Thus, allow me to explain the reasons of buying from new websites:

Reasons of buying from new websites:

  • Discount: As the websites are new in the market, they will try to promote them in order to gain a customer base, expand their market share and exposure. Therefore, most of the new websites will have attractive promotions. Hence, it is an opportunity to get items which are lower price than other stores.

  • Uniqueness: When a business tries to stand out among its competitors, it has to be unique either in products or services and it applies to e-commerce as well. Well, action figures from Japan are popular and can be purchased from various websites. However, the accessories or action figures related products are not easily bought and there will be websites focus on niche market, which is

  • Fun/Adventurous:The fun of going for an adventure is into the unknown, where we do not know what may happen next, so does online shopping. We do not know what items we are going to find and the shopping experience is a mystery. You may encounter new parts of Japanese culture or discover new items from Japan.

Meanwhile, visiting new websites is fun but the shopping security is a factor which should not be neglected. Therefore, we have investigated the websites’ background and we only introduce trustworthy websites. Besides, they are backed up by reputable companies.


1. Voyapon (URL:

This website's main focus is to promote Japanese cultures by overcoming language barrier. Therefore, you may find various articles on their website which were written in English by different native speakers, there are writers from Spain, Germany and other places. Besides, Voyapon’s parent company is IGLOOO Inc. It is an organisation which offers services that allow tourists to know about Japanese cultures.

  • Voyapon Store URL:

  • Price range: JPY 700 ~ JPY 20,000

  • Uniqueness: At the moment, the website mainly focuses on ornaments under the series of Oriobi, which has a combination of Kimono and Origami. An Obi is a belt which is a belt worn with Kimono, it is a traditional garment which is worn by both males and females, where an Origami is the art of paper folding. Besides, there are pouches, postcards and tapes which all of them are in “Japaneseness” pattern.

  • Availability: World Wide


2. FUN! JAPAN Select Shop (URL:

FUN! Japan Select Shop was founded by Fun Japan Communications Co., Ltd. in 2016. It is a joint venture and the main shareholders are JTB Corporation, Nippon Express, Isetan Mistukoshi Holdings and Japan Airlines. Those companies have a total market capital of more than USD 10 Billion. Hence, this website is backed by companies with healthy financial positions.

FUN! Japan Select Shop is a pioneer in digital marketing in Asia and unique in services provided. Hence, it does not only plan to serve as a connection between Japanese companies and the government, it also wants to connect with Asian countries in order to promote growth in business together.

  • Uniqueness: It has various selections of tableware, bags, purses and baby’s products etc. Shipping cost is FREE, and there is no minimum spending on this website in order to enjoy this benefit.

  • Price range: JPY 7,200 ~ 62,000

  • Availability: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore


Matcha was founded in 2012, it does not only focus on promoting Japanese cultures to the world, it also creates projects to allow the cultures to be sustainable and prevent them from disappearing. It also tries to promote cultures and heritages that are not well known by the tourists.

Besides, Matcha’s aim is to provide a wonderful experience to all the tourists who are visiting or revisiting Japan. Hence, they are striving to create an experience which exceeds the tourist’s expectations with various supports.

Furthermore, Matcha has various Japanese government departments and companies as clients, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, multiple regional governments, NHK World, Tokyo Disney Resort and so on.


  • It is a funding platform in which each project has its own funding goal and expiration. However, there are two different project types, “Keep It All” and “All or Nothing”. Keep It All is where the fund will be used by the project owner even though the funding goal has not met. While, All or Nothing is the fund can only be used if the funding goal is met.

  • Each project has different objectives: support small businesses, preserve and maintain world heritage sites and so on.

  • Each project backer will receive different benefits based on the fund pledged, it can be a gratitude letter or a discounted price for accommodation.


  • Price range: JPY 1,000 ~ 500,000

  • Availability: The gratitude letter and merchandise for pledging the project will ship worldwide. However, guided tours, and accommodation are usually located in Japan.


4. Japan Mastery Collection (JMC) (URL:

This website is set up as a collaborative project between Haneda Future Research Institute Incorporated and Marubeni Corporation.

Haneda Future Research Institute Incorporated:

Aims to create new values by expanding to different markets. Besides, it will act as a hub to connect Tokyo with other regions, or internationally, which connects Japan brands with the world.

Marubeni Corporation:

Has various portfolios and provides different services. Besides, it has a broad network of import and export, either domestically or internationally. Furthermore, Marubeni Corporation has implemented a project called Global Crossvalue Platform. It provides business solutions for businesses in different sectors, allowing businesses to “communicate” by breaking down the barriers.


  • JMC decides to create products that stand out, as our world is abundant with resources, the items used to be luxurious have become common. Therefore, JMC tries to redefine luxurious items, through innovation which is creating values for Japanese traditions and the culture of Japan.

  • This website sells ceramics in majority. The products are made with rare materials and with ancient skills which have been passed down for more than centuries, some even have a history of 1000 years.

  • Although it mainly sells ceramics, it also has a small collection of contemporary artworks, cosmetics, sneakers and scarf.


  • Price range: JPY 2,000 ~ JPY 1,000,000

  • Availability: World Wide


5. Tokyu Department Store @ eBay (URL:

TOKYU Department Store is Japan’s first virtual department store on eBay. The items sold on eBay are from Shibuya and they can only be found in Japan. It is founded by the TOKYU Group, where TOKYU Department store has a physical flagship store which is located in Shibuya.

TOKYU Group is a new type of commercial which has the combination of cultural facilities with department stores. Besides, it sells high quality products only as it is located in a prime area which has various prestigious shops.


  • As Tokyu Department Store is a new type of commercial, hence it sells things that are not normally seen in the market. It has various designs in glass and chopsticks, also items for memorial or religions. Such as monuments for pets, incense, prayer beads, and cremated remains for pets or human use.

  • Besides that, it sells armour ornament for the belief in personal protection and good fortune.


  • Price range: JPY 7,000 ~ JPY 276,000

  • Availability: Free shipping for world wide


6. ALLU Global Store (URL:

ALLU is a luxury vintage shop from Japan, it focuses on high-quality pre-owned and authentic vintage items. Items that are sold by ALLU are inspected and maintained by their professional team.

Besides, ALLU is named after the concept of “ALL the items attract U” and “Everything ALLUring you”, which is to express the items sold by ALLU are attractive to its customers.


  • If you are looking for luxury goods like wallets, hand bags, apparel, watches or so on, then ALLU is the place for you!

  • ALLU sells a variety of leather goods, Hermes, Balenciaga and other world renowned brands. Besides, it has a great selection of Swiss made watches, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Rolex and so on. Most of the items are limited as they are vintage with mint quality.


  • Price range: JPY 6,000 ~ 11,000,000

  • Availability: World Wide


7. WorldShopping BIZ

*with more more than 400 partners ( feb 2020)


WorldShopping BIZ was founded in 2015, its vision is to provide overseas sales support to buyers and sellers, which is usually encountered in e-commerce, language barriers, shipping method and overseas delivery.

WorldShopping BIZ is not an online shopping store, it appears on its partners websites during checkout as it provides sales services.

How does it work?

WorldShopping BIZ partners with many websites to provide worldwide shipping service. The shipping fee from the seller to WorldShopping BIZ will be free of charge, however it will have a service charge of 10% on the items bought.

Then, the items will be shipped to WorldShopping BIZ’s warehouse and buyers will be charged for international shipping. After that, buyers will have to pay for custom duty and VAT if necessary when arriving in their destination country.

Example of partners website:


Above are links that you can buy directly from Japan.

If you are searching for something else, you might want browse the list here:

and if you need extra assistance to get things from Japan, then take a look at the list here:

Happy shopping!

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