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FROM JAPAN changed their charges! What Are The Alternative Services that Can Help You Now?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Starting from 1st September 2020, FROM JAPAN imposed a basic fee of JPY300 on each item. We wrote this article to help those who are searching for alternative proxy services to purchase items from Japan.

For your information, here are FROM JAPAN’s Product Protection Plan:

*It is not allowed to proceed without using this Product Protection Plan.*

Therefore, we will introduce a few alternatives:


DEJAPAN is a proxy service, its website has approximately 150,000 views monthly.


  • Has NO base fee

  • Charges JPY100 per item consolidated

  • Allows users to order from MERCARI (FROM JAPAN does not support MERCARI purchase)

  • Charges JPY500 for MERCARI listing

Good reviews about DEJAPAN:

  • The service is quick and consistent

  • Customer support is proficient in English communication

  • Good website user experience

However, these may stop you from using their service, if the following are important to you:


  • Does not send packages via Small Packet

  • Does not undervalue parcels and instead reports the actual value of the item, whereas many shippers declare incorrect value for items, which is a fraud and may lead to higher fee charges.

(2) BIG IN JAPAN: A Forwarding Service.

BIG IN JAPAN is a forwarding service, whose website has monthly views of 100,000. It is good to use to place orders from websites like Suruga-ya and Mandarake, especially if you're forwarding only one package.

Users find BIG IN JAPAN to be a good service because they:

  • Charge a flat rate of JPY500 to forward each parcel

  • Provide free storage, for a maximum of 10 parcels and duration of up to one month

However some users encountered some issues when using BIG IN JAPAN:

  • JPY1,000 charges for repacking

  • Costly courier service, as they only send parcels via Japan Post and DHL

  • Does not support cash on delivery (COD, or 代金引換) as a payment method when you send parcels to their warehouse

  • Does not ship to Indonesia

*BIG IN JAPAN also provides proxy service. They also have a store selling Anime related merchandise, PVC Figures, books, and t-shirts etc.

*Please note that parcels that have not been claimed for 1 month will be considered abandoned by buyers


*Many viewers have been searching for the JPN-Depot package forwarding service. Unfortunately, we do not recommend JPN-Depot at the moment.

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This is not a sponsored article, and we do not work with any parties mentioned in this article. We are trying to be as accurate as possible. [disclaimer ] Please email us if there are things that we should add/modify/remove from any articles on this website.

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