5 Interesting And Funny Japanese T-Shirt Designs (Pre-Order)

Do you like Japan, or currently learning Japanese for fun? Maybe you will find these cool Japanese related design t-shirts you like. These designs are cute, and also have some trivial information about Japanese language.


(1) “HORSE + DEER = BAKA” Japanese related t-shirt

When you put a horse and a deer together, they will become the stupid. Huh! Why?

For those who are learning Japanese, or those who watch anime frequently, the word “BAKA” is not new to them, but do you know that the word “BAKA” can be written with the combination of the Kanji character of Horse(馬) and Deer(鹿). In case if you don’t know, “BAKA” basically means stupid, or foolish.


(2) “Cat Wanna Pee” Japanese cute t-shirt

What’s up little kitty, why do you look so desperate, huhu? “Oshikko wo gaman suru neko (おしっこを我慢する猫)” basically means “the cat that holds its pee”.

The cat looks cute, but at the same time I felt sorry for the cat. Maybe you can buy this t-shirt design and help the cat.


(3) “Sumo Cat” Japanese culture t-shirt

What? You said that this cat is peeing (“Oshikko”) like a dog? Nope, this cat is practicing a Sumo practice routine called “Shiko” (leg raise). “Shiko” (Leg raise) and Oshikko (Pee) are totally different words. “oshikko dewanakute, o-sumou desu (おしっこではなくて、お相撲です。)” written there means “this is not peeing, this is sumo”.


(4)“99 Kanji for JLPT N4” Japanese Kanji t-shirt

So if you have passed your JLPT N5, and are looking forward to sitting for JLPT N4, the number of new Kanji characters coming at you might be increased. Writing kanji is not easy to remember, but seeing and identifying them is easier than writing. Why not get this set, so that you can have a quick glance at the list and try to refresh what you have learnt from your actual textbook.


(5) “Japanese Grammar” t-shirt

The system of Japanese grammar is kind of simple to remember in some way, but, what is this again? I seemed to have forgotten about this rule. Haha, just kidding. Anyway, beginners can use this as a reference to understand the grammar better.


About FFJS

Funny Funky Japanese Store offers a number of interesting designs that are related to Japan and sometimes the language itself.


About Teespring

Teespring is a free selling platform where designers can create their own brand or design, at zero cost. These designs will be printed on t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, and etc. Teespring will be the one to handle all the other processes from printing, shipping, to customer service.

About Shipment

The product can be shipped to everywhere worldwide. Once ordered, the product will be printed and shipped from one of their production facilities in the US or in the EU. For US buyers, the product will be shipping from their facility in Kentucky, or from their print partners throughout the US. While for International buyers, most likely it will be shipped from their facility and print partners in the EU.

Enjoy shopping, and enjoy learning Japanese language too!

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