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Japan, the heaven for online shopping!

Here is a list of some of the things people keep buying from Japan.

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Water resistant and durable which makes G-Shock different from other digital watches.
You can get the latest G-Shock with a discount up to 20% from AMAZON Japan, and also a rare G-Shock with good condition at MERCARI.


Japan second-hand shops are seen in many places, and they do sell mint quality products. From antique watches to vintage vinyl records. There are out of season clothes too, which is a good price for value.
Why don't you visit these online second hand shops to take a look?


Tokyo (yes! and the Harajuku fashion!) has streetwear that is like no other cities. You can find japan local made streetwear streetwear/fashion brands like A Bathing Ape (BAPE), visvim, UNDERCOVER, Yohji Yamamoto, NEIGHBORHOOD, Mastermind, and WTAPS. Japanese inspired streetwear is also a non-stop discussion topic in reddit! People keep talking about Bape Online stores, Bape Hoodie prices, and how to get the real thing! Brands like Supreme, NOAH, KEITH from overseas seem to have branches to support the Japanese’s big buying ability and demand too!

  • Reminder: You need a trusted middleman to get a real thing!


These are 3 main reasons you should buy clothes from Japan.

  1. Brands with good cost performance: UNIQLO, MUJI, WEGO etc.

  2. Brands with the finest quality, best designs and uniqueness: MASTERMIND, ISSEY MIYAKE, CDG etc.

  3. Designs with Japanese elements:


If you want to get good quality jeans, then make Japan one of your first priorities. Denims made by Japanese jeans brands are not cheap, but they are still famous! Why? There is only one reason left for this, because they are just perfectly good!


There are many fans around the world looking for figures from Japan. Among the most famous will be these 3:

  • The Figma: it’s so famous that China is making fakes. If you want to get one, get from Ami-Ami 

  • Nendoriod: Remember the Sakura Miku/ Hatsune Miku! With the number 500!

  • Qposket: The figure with big eyes.


From running shoes to tennis shoes, these sports are popular among them and Japan has renowned brands in the sports industry.

  • Yonex is famous for badminton and tennis racquet and sports apparel.

  • ASICS (Onitsuka Tiger) is one of the famous running and wrestling shoe brands, their products are reviewed as good quality and good value for money.

  • Mizuno produces various products for different sports, volleyball, baseball, running and other sports.


Pokemon cards are one of the items people keep buying from Japan too. Overseas buyers keep searching for Charizard and Mew pokemon cards. Holographic one are more rare, and usually have higher price tags. The most precious one might the one from year 1996 (the 1st edition when the Pokemon card is release. )


As a country making some of the worlds’ best cars, radio, and game consoles etc. Japan has its ability to make gadgets for beauty purposes too. These are among the products that ladies around the world is getting from Japan.


Japanese cosmetics and skincare products are always endorsed by Asians most of the time, as their products are mild, affordable and most importantly they are effective. Besides, their products are mainly focused on nourishing and allow the skin to do its own job, which are skin-friendly and suitable for a wider range of users. Famous Japanese beauty products are SK-II, Kanebo, Shiseido, MINON, Kose and many. Buying from Japan could reduce the risk of counterfeit, as it has high demand and is profitable from reselling.

This is the most visited cosmetic review website in Japan:

If you are getting more than 100usd worth of items, it is worth it to take a look at these online shopping mall that ship directly from Japan:


Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Lexus and Nissan are Japan’s car makers. So, you can find the official spare parts suppliers, get the origin part, with a reasonable price. Beside that, Japan also make modification parts (改造部品) like astonishing steering wheel, wheel, suspensions etc. However, car parts are usually hard to deal with by normal proxies as they are sometimes big, heavy, or contain air pressure air or oil elements that might be stopped by the post office/ delivery company. Make sure you check the prohibited and limitation too.
If you are buying car parts, we suggest that you buy from a “big” company that has a lot of experiences doing it.


Japan has many “道” that is so amazing. You might need to get the original uniform/tools while enjoying those “道” in your country.


What are the must buy bags from Japan?

  • Japan limited louis vuitton

  • Anello

  • Porter Yoshida Kaban

  • Second hand luxury bags

  • Baobao Issey Miyake

  • Mis zapatos japan

  • Randoseru backpack / school bag

  • ACE:


Some of the most famous idols from Japan are AKB48, Bish, Momoiro Clover Z, u15 idols, Morning Musume, Nogizaka46, BANZAI Japan etc.
Don’t forget the male idols too: SMAP, Arashi, KinKi Kids, V6


It’s not just CD albums from Japan, Korean new used and CDs like bts, blackpink, monsta x, seventeen, got7,snsd can be found at reasonable prices from Japan too.
The most famous source to get them will be the CD Japan store! (send us your review too!)


Who doesn't love snacks? If you go to Japan, snacks are one of the most important things you should not miss. Eye catching packaging, kawaii (cute) character design and some flavours which you unexpectedly can find among various Japanese snacks. There are many Japanese snack box subscriptions available,

Most popular monthly subscription for Japanese snack box are :

People like to buy and eat Pocky, rice crackers, Doritos, potato chips, seaweed snacks.
About flavors, octopus balls, wasabi, and green tea flavors snacks are popular.
Take a look at this online shopping store too (coming soon)


If you are learning Japanese, then you should consider these text books.

  • Genki 1 & 2 japanese textbook (It covers skills needed in real life, but this series is designed to be taught by a Japanese teacher in class, so they’re not always great for self-study.)

  • Minna no Nihongo (Good for people show prefer to learn Japanese using only Japanese language, can be overwhelming for beginners or people who prefer learning in their own language)

  • “Try!” JLPT series (tailored for JLPT, CDs are attached, and worked well for classroom or independent study.)


TOMICA is one of the best sellers from TAKARA TOMY.
It is said that about 75% of the children (2 ~ 5 years) have TOMICA.
If you want to get TOMICA:


As Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympia are too famous and might already have branches in your country. So, what are the reasons that people still buying cameras from Japan?

  • Vintage film camera with good conditions

  • Used lens, cameras with good price

  • The second latest model with discounted price

This page is about "what" people buy from Japan.

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