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Who Can Help you to Buy From Mercari?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Want to buy products from Mercari Japan, but unsure of who can help you? Tried a few middlemen but none of them met your needs? We know the troubles you have faced, so, we have filtered the 5 best proxies/agents (with good reviews) that can help you in buying from Mercari!


*stop services related to MERCARI from the end of Feb 2022

  • 45 days of free storage

  • Brief inspection of your items

  • Commission starts from as low as 750yen (250yen for buying (service fee), and 500yen as packaging fee)

*Neokyo stops to provide the service for Mercari Japan from the end of Feb 2022


  • Efficient as it is integrated into Mercari by default

  • A lot of campaigns/ discount coupons available

Various plans on Buyee that fit your needs:

  1. Standard Plan 500 yen (covers both below)

  2. Insured Delivery Plan 500 yen (covers damage and even loss during shipment)

  3. Inspection Plan 300 yen (check items - sizes, colors, damage etc. at the warehouse)

  4. Lite Plan 0 yen



  • Commission is 10% of the item price (minimum 600yen)

  • Good reviews on the website


  • Minimum commission is 500yen

  • Negotiation with seller costs 200yen

  • Accepts VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, DISCOVER, China Union Pay card, and bank transfer

Good luck, and enjoy Shopping!

Please share your experience with us too!

Info needed:

Used them before? Leave us a message in the comment!

We will add them to the main article if someone used them before to buy things from MERCARI Japan, and the services are ok.








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