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21 Links to Search for Used Items From Japan, via Flea Markets, Recycle Shops, and Auction Sites

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Want to hunt for preloved anime figures or streetwear with incredibly low prices? Want to search for a part for your Toyota car? Or even an old antique watch, and old vinyl records? Searching for these products from Japan is definitely the best choice.

Basically, these are the websites that you can peruse:

  1. Flea market: For example, MERCARI and FRIL. Both the sellers and buyers are individuals. We definitely recommend you to take a look at MERCARI first as it is a huge market. Everyone in Japan is selling just about anything you could imagine.

  2. Recycle shop: For example, HARDOFF and 2nd Street. The sellers are usually the corporations. So, negotiations on price are non-existent. These 2 websites offer a massive range of items, and since they have their own physical stores, you can rest assured that all the used items they sell are authentic.

  3. Auction site: For example, Yahoo Auction. The highest bid wins!

Below is a list for each category.


1. Flea Market

  1. MERCARI The biggest flea market in Japan. Used by more than 10% of people in Japan

  2. FRIL Previously known as Rakuma (short for Rakuten Market)

  3. Otamart Good for Otaku/Anime related items

  4. PayPay Flea Market Concert, sports event, show tickets etc.

  5. Ticket Ryutsu Center Concert, sports event, show tickets etc.

  6. Minne Hand made items

  7. Creema Hand made items


2. Recycle Store

  1. ZOZOUSED Used items on ZOZOTOWN

  2. BOOKOFF ONLINE Comics, books, CD/ DVD etc.

  3. HARDOFF Focused on cameras, watches, fashion, and hobby etc.

  4. 2nd street Focused on clothes, bags, shoes, musical instruments etc.

  5. SURUGAYA Focused on figures, trading cards, games

  6. ragtag Focused on branded clothes like Stussy, Undercover, COMME des GARCONS etc.

  7. Komehyo Focused on branded watches, branded bags etc.

  8. Dai kokuya Focused on branded watches, branded bags etc.

  9. Dospara Computers (new and used)

  10. Ishibashi Gakki Musical Instruments (new and used)

  11. Disk Union CDs, comics, books, CD/ DVDs etc.


3. Auction Websites

  1. Mobaoku (Mobile Auction) An auction site in which a lot of time and effort are needed during the buying process. Recommended only if you are using a good proxy in Japan

  2. YAHOO AUCTION The biggest auction site in Japan

  3. Seifuku Ochiba School Uniforms


Do you have any websites that you would like to recommend?

Leave us a comment and we will add it to the list!

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