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FROMAJAPAN Got These 5 Ridiculous Reviews. Not Fair.

FROMAJAPAN got these 5 ridiculous reviews. And I think those who gave those reviews are not really helping. Why?

Customer feedback is known to provide high-value social proof, but we have to process their opinion with our logical thinking. Me too, as a buyer, like to buy things from Japan. I have been buying a lot with the help of services like Buyee, FROMJAPAN, and NEOTOYKO etc. Sometimes, yes, items arrived not as I expected. Well, at least so far none of the proxies I used is trying to scam me, nor they are not transparent about their fee.

But some claimers are born to complain about things. I am writing this article hoping that buyers will leave a more meaningful review, and also prepare themselves for a situation with less dissatisfaction when they receive items.

I bought things from Yahoo Auction, and it is FAKE! FROM JAPAN Never refuse to make a refund!

Someone said: Bought a bag and a watch using their proxy. Cost about 600,000 yen (5500 USD) in total.

First, I got the watch. When the watch arrived, it turned out to be a NON AUTHENTIC, we had to spend on all the authenticators just to prove all our claims as they side with the scammers more than us. To settle they emailed that they will help us as long as we send back the fake item to them at our own expense.

While waiting for my watch, I bought a bag too through their service. I told them to hold any payment for the bag as it may turn out not authentic again. They replied it’s not their problem as authentication is not covered. The bag arrived after 11 days and guess what, it is FAKE! Now they keep on saying that they will not help us because they already helped us once.

The worst service and worst people ever!!

My opinion: They are just middlemen that you ask for help. You ask them to buy a fake item, then you get a fake item. You ask them to buy from Link A, then they (their bot) buy from Link A. There is nothing wrong with them. If you need an authentic item, do you research, use your common sense and buy from from a trustable website/seller. Buy from official websites! It is your fault to choose the wrong stores to buy from, don’t blame any proxy who is just trying to help you!

Not logical review: I asked them to help me with a lost EMS parcel but they refused

Someone said: FROMJAPAN never helped me to find my parcel after they sent the item out via EMS.

My opinion: Shipment is done by EMS. EMS is owned by Japan post or the post office in your country. “Post office” is the place that you should see for help if you have problems about “where is my parcel?”.

Not any other parties.

Another strange Review: Shipping cost is not clear? Freight is way overpriced?

Someone said: Freight is way overpriced. Multiple different charges were included in the cost. Even the Australian GST calculation was wrong. There were no options given. If you are buying anything from this site please agree on shipping cost beforehand. They make more money from shipping than actual item cost. I bought an item $124 but shipping to Australia was quoted at $525. Be careful with this site. No refund. Pathetic customer service.

My opinion: Check the shipping methods available. Each company use different methods. Check the estimation cost for each method. All are clear and transparent. Things are clear. If the proxy/middleman cannot provide a cost table for each shipping method, then don’t buy from them. Any forwarder/proxy for sure can show you what is the cost for 1kg if you use EMS.

Another low IQ review: Waited a week, then the order got canceled.

Someone said: So I ordered a PS4 limited edition through them. Was really excited since I've been looking for forever. One week silently passed without any update on the order and then they suddenly let me know that the item was out of stock and refunded me.

My opinion: It is the store that you choose that canceled your order. It is not logical for us to blame the party who is trying to help us. If you want to blame, then blame that store. Not the one who is trying to help you to get that item from the store.

Another not meaningful review: They change their plan. And I don’t like it

Someone said: Before the change, I really liked their 0 yen fees for using amazon/Rakuten/ZOZOTOWN and their 300yen per store (not per item) which made it easy for me to purchase multiple items. Now when I want to purchase multiple items, their 300 yen fees pile up like crazy making it super expensive. I no longer want to purchase anything from FJ. I don't understand their new plan at all and I honestly don't know who it is benefitting.

My Opinion: You can stop using their service. We are buyers, so we can choose stores that we want to use. And we have the right to choose proxies that can help us to get things. If you don’t like their cost system, then simply stop using them. No one force you to use it, And there are at least 20 companies in the market.

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