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Items have been sent to their warehouse, but the proxy says they are unable to send it! Why?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Most of the items sold on the market in Japan are safe. However, since you are purchasing from outside of Japan, you need to keep in mind that there are certain items banned from these 3 perspectives:

  1. Prohibited Items in Japan (and on Yahoo Auction)

  2. Prohibited Items for the carrier company

  3. Prohibited Items for your country (or special limitation imposed by your country)

Example of items that you can buy using Yahoo Auction (via agents like Buyee), but can’t be shipped are as below:

  • Suspension (because of the pressured air)

  • Oil (flammable)

  • Perfume, Hair Tonic (contain alcohol)

  • Lamp (flammable)

  • Mahogany wood used in guitars

Let’s look at each category of prohibited items.

1.Prohibited Items in Japan (and on Yahoo Auction)

Basically, the chance of you seeing any prohibited/illegal item on Yahoo Auction is very slim, but it does happen.

These are some of the banned items at Yahoo Auction: Cigarette, Medicine, Fake CD & DVD, fake Airpods, fake branded bags, fake streetwear etc.

In the early stage of the coronavirus pandemic, “mask” was also a banned item.

If you found those items, despite having a need for them, please don’t buy them!

Things banned in Yahoo Auction are written here:

2. Prohibited Items for the carrier company

This is the main part that you should be well aware of:

Why? Because sometimes, the proxy you use will just order your items using a robot (automated system without human judgement). There is no way of determining whether the item can be sent by EMS or DHL. In most cases, the proxy website you use, will not be responsible for that. Yes, we have heard stories. In the end, you may have to pay for the disposal fee if they can’t send the item.

Yes, in Japan, you pay when you have to dispose of the rubbish!

Examples of Disposal fee charged by proxy services:

3. Prohibited Items in your country (or special limitation imposed by your country)

There are special cases where parcels can’t reach you.

Example, for EMS, “usually ” these are the limitations for the size of the box:

  • Maximum weight : 30kg

  • Maximum circumference: 3 metres

  • Maximum length: 1.5 metres

But, these are special cases:

  • the maximum weight that you can send to the Philippines is 20 kg

  • the maximum circumference for USA is 2.75 metres, and for Spain is 2 metres

  • the maximum length for Spain is 1.05 metres

Next, during COVID-19, the situation is always changing. EMS is temporarily unavailable for some countries. Please check the latest info at Post Japan (

Furthermore, there are items that are also banned by your government, right?

Banned items that you may either be aware or unaware of its existence.

Examples of items banned with different regulations by each country are as below:

We believe that all the good proxy services in the market will try their best to make sure that the items you order can reach you without any problems. But the world is wide! So, do your due diligence regarding the above regulations before you order. Hope this article helps you!

Tell us about the troubles you have faced too as we would like to share it with others, so they will not face the same problems. Sharing is caring!

Good luck and enjoy shopping!

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