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Which seller/proxy to avoid if you want to buy Anime things from Japan.

The review distribution is not "natural". Why?

Recently, we saw dozens of bad reviews about this service provided by this Anime reseller/proxy in the UK. Here are some of the bad reviews they get. We are trying to gather info from as many buyers as possible, and as wide as we can. Any opinions here are just for reference. Readers should go and check and judge him/herself if those reviews are real.

So Unprofessional. And requesting “Good reviews” from customers.

So unprofessional seller. She is rude, terrible at communicating. About payment, she is constantly messing up invoices (i.e. trying to overcharge you as much as possible on products already 200% of their retail value)

In addition to this, every transaction with her goes through PayPal “family and friends,” seemingly to avoid paying tax. And the buyers are never protected by PayPal even if the seller shipped nothing. Very dodgy business practices. I do hope the UK government can pay a visit to her house.

Avoid this seller at all costs.

(Also there are so many bad reviews on the internet that are much more detailed than this one, please go give those a read. And ignore those that are obviously Fake 5 star ones.)

A long term customer, with a bad experience buying anime items

I have been a long term customer for yykawaii, I have spent thousands of pounds with them and have purchased a majority of my collection with them, but as of today I am fed up with their poor customer service, not knowing if/when a parcel will ship , the complete lack of any tracking info whatsoever, their standoffish & unapproachable attitude & their disorganization and their immensely high prices.

I've had items missing, items damaged, and I have no answers/replies from her. I've had plenty of items missing/faulty from them, but due to how unapproachable they are I have no ways to get any good explanation from them

Disorganized, poor customer service and overpriced

For years I exclusively and naively shopped with YY on Instagram, but this has now come to an end.

I now shop with numerous other small businesses that are often run by one person, and they do not charge anywhere close to YY's prices. Tried at least 5 other services, and I still am not paying close to what I did with YY.

Sometimes certain items should come with a preorder bonus as in Japan they're only available through a particular manufacturer or seller, however, YY has sold exclusive pre order items, with the bonuses separately.

Time and time again I watch people ask genuine questions when unhappy about an order or how they've been treated, but it is only ever the buyers' fault, and her passionate fanbase don't hesitate to alienate people online, as more public "callouts" sometimes get posted by YY on her story.

Any time I've had to message YY for any reason, I get anxious and overcompensate for the response I could get by being overly nice, which is something no one should feel when messaging a seller.

She blocks buyers, and resell their items

Whenever people point out about the prices or pre order bonus theft, she immediately blocks those people regardless of them having a paid order with her or not. And if they do have an order, she just keeps the order, keeps the money of the person who ordered, and sells the item again, which is basically scamming customers.

So now these customers have gone to Trustpilot, and started writing negative reviews because they can’t even voice their opinion anywhere because she gets rid of them.

And yes, she saw those reviews and now she’s commanding her customers to leave a good review there, which is against trust pilot rules. Every time someone orders from her, she sends “please go to trust pilot and leave a positive review to get back to the haters”

Not transparent pricing system, and and ridiculous shipping cost

The biggest issue I can say with her is her pricing. I get it, imports are expensive, but these are somewhat unreasonable. The cost system is never clear and straightforward. She is the seller, and she decides everything. She never shows any transparent formulas/methods.

Reading these bad reviews, which she calls “haters', it’s very clear that she is first, not refunding people when she’s not even giving them their item. Second, when people can’t pay the other half of the item or when people are angry with her, she literally blocks them and sells the item they ordered for half the price!! Like even if they paid. That’s ridiculous and illegal, and these people are helpless and lost their money. Third of all, her prices are very very high. It’s ridiculously high. She doesn’t even charge shipping rates properly, like I’ve had all packages the same size, and the most lightweight package I had cost more than the heavier one. The cost just doesn’t make sense all the time

Anyway, If you want want to experience those what other people said above,

You can “enjoy” her exclusive service at ….

Ok. I better don’t paste the link here.

Seller to avoid: yykawaii or YY Kawaii

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