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Comparing Buyee and Buy From Japan Middleman Service

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

To buy from Japan, these are the 2 things that you need:

  1. Google translate

  2. A good proxy service

Google Translate is free and powerful

Facing difficulties in reading Japanese is the main drawback of buying goods on Japan web stores. Thanks to Google translate, it solves my problem. I have nearly no problem in understanding the condition of the item.

However, living 5000km away from Japan is another trouble because most Japan web stores don’t ship internationally. So, let me share a secret.

Proxy Services that I recommend to use if you need to get things from Japan

I found a few “proxy services” available, and tried about 5 ~ 6 of the services in the market. However, these two are my most favorites:

  1. BUYEE

  2. Buy From Japan by Jajapan Service

And here I make a fair comparison without being biased, between Buyee and Buy From Japan.

As for me, I love graphic tees. I buy, collect and sometimes resell. Personally, I highly recommend Buy From Japan for being friendly and professional. He even suggested to ship goods by Yamato Transport, as it’s cheap, reliable, and has a lower chance of getting import duty tax. Now everyone can enjoy shopping without hassle.

Below is my humble little collection. A big warm hug and thanks to “Mr. Lim” of Buy From Japan for being helpful. ^^

Writer: Cincailah from halfway across the world, Malaysia.

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